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Select Publications, Writings


Regenerative Development, Sustainability:


Gibbons, L.V. 2020. Regenerative - The New Sustainable.pdf
























Gibbons, L.V. 2020. Moving Beyond Sustainability-A Regenerative Community Development Framework for Co-creating Thriving Living Systems and Its Application.pdf 
























Gibbons, L.V., et al. 2020._The development, application, and refinement of a Regenerative Development Evaluation Tool and indicators.pdf
























Gibbons, L.V., et al. 2018._Regenerative Development as an Integrative Paradigm and Methodology for Landscape Sustainability.pdf























Regenerative Communities Description:


Regenerative Communities Description.pdf























Inner Sustainability, Spirituality:


Berejnoi, E., Ulluwishewa, R., Cloutier, S., Gibbons, L., Puga, S., and Uthumange, A. 2019. Spirituality - the missing link of sustainability and happiness as a framework for holistic deveopment. In Y. Kee, S.J. Lee & R. Phillips (Eds.), Perspectives on Community Well-Being (pp. 203-224). Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.pdf
























Berejnoi Bejarano, E., Rodrigues, N., Gibbons, L., Sykes, C., Morrison, B.A., Tekola, S., Gabriell, A., Fastiggi, M., and Cloutier, S. 2019. Integrating internal and external dimensions for holistic sustainability. In R. Adapon Turvey & S. Kurissery (Eds.), Intellectual, Scientific, and Educational Influences in Sustainability Research (pp. 226-252). Hershey, Pennsylvania: IGI-Global.pdf


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Invasive Species


Now You See Them Now You Don't - Population Crashes of Established Introduced Species


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Interaction of Hybrid Imported Fire Ants {Solenopsis invicta x S. richteri) with Native Ants at Baits in Southeastern Tennessee


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