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Hey there!


My name is Megan Banning, and I hail from Hershey, a small chocolate town in PA. I grew up with two younger brothers, and we went to Hersheypark, all. the. time. It was amazing, and I'm grateful to my mother and father who enabled those awesome memories. 


While I grew up in Hershey, I currently reside in Ithaca, NY. It's beautiful here, truly gorges. Sorry, I had to do it.


I went to high school in my little town, and didn't get as inclusive as an education as I'd like. I had lots of missing voices in my courses, a lack of engaging material, and lots of free time on my hands to fill with extracirriculars. So I did.


I was involved in tons of honor societies and clubs, and had a lot of fun in them. However, I rarely felt challenged in high school. College was a whole new world to me-- I was finally engaged and actively learning in my classes, and rather than absorbing information blindly, I was able to ask questions and strive to uncover those missing voices and questions.


I'm a sophomore Interdisciplinary Studies major (Psychology and Family & Human Development). I hope to eventually end up as a social worker for kids-- exactly what type of social worker, I'm not sure yet. I know I'd like working in a counseling or school setting, but haven't nailed down precisely what my professional goals are. I am eager to kick off my major with psychology and family studies courses this semester, and get to know other students with similar (and different!) backgrounds as me. 


As for professional experience, I am a trained crisis counselor through Crisis Text Line, a crisis service offered through texting mediums (Text HELLO to 741741 for free crisis counseling!). I have been in this position for roughly a year.  I also help co-facilitate a LGBTQ Youth Group at my local Planned Parenthood. I love working with the kids-- they're incredible and I learn so much from them. In addition to all of this, I work with GLAAD's Campus Ambassador program for ASU, striving to reach students through the medium of writing. 


In my free time, I like to write. I've written a book of poetry, "Temporary Places," and I'm in the process of sending it out to publishers. I'm super proud of it, and you can see some of my work on my site http://meganbanning.com. I hang out with my fiance and my cat a lot of the time, when I'm not working at Starbucks or my internship with Planned Parenthood. I do my best to be engaged in the community and the political sphere, often posting political posts on my personal social media sites and my site. Lastly, I love to go on  hikes when the weather is nice here in Ithaca, NY. 


I can't wait to get to know the rest of the class!


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