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Welcome to the portfolio of 
Megan Delight McDermott!

Having a college degree is something I never thought was possible. I was born and raised in Michigan and as a young child it was always a dream of mine to attend Arizona State University. School was always a challenge for me because I have ADHD and I am dyslexic, so I never achieved academic success in lower level education… When I was 16 years old my father died of a heart attack. This changed my entire world and as a result I completely gave up on school. I graduated high school with a 1.9 GPA and at this point any dream I had of ever attending ASU was given up.

After my high school graduation in 2011, I moved to Arizona with zero intention of attending college.  After one year of working at a pizza store, my mom begged me to sign up for one class at Chandler Gilbert Community College. With extreme hesitation, I decided to enroll in one course where I ended up receiving my first A. I cried tears of joy because I literally never thought I would make it to college, and here I am receiving my very first A! This experience helped to motivate me, which is the drive that has gotten me where I am today.

The highlight of my college experience was receiving my acceptance letter from ASU for the BSW program. The little girl inside of me that always dreamed of attending this University, but never thought it was possible, achieved her goals.

School has been a continued struggle for me because of my learning disabilities. With the help of the ASU faculty, my own self-determination, my family, and strength from God, I have achieved more than I ever thought I was capable of. 


I am honored to share that I was selected as the Overall Outstanding Graduate for the College of Public Service and Community Solutions.


The most important skill I have learned in the MSW, PAC, program is  how to believe in myself. 


Thank you for visiting my page - I hope you enjoy! 



Prerana Orphanage, Kathmandu, Nepal

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