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Theory in Practice: Halloween Write-In

Ian James, William F. Martin, Meghan Kelsey, & Susan Naomi Bernstein


This essay offers an archive of our collaboration as teachers of Basic Writing and former students of Basic Writing on the October 31, 2017 Halloween Write-In for students of Basic Writing. Archives are meant to solidify knowledge by acting as the institutionally approved and organized evidence of some sort of truth. What we seek instead is a challenge to this traditional meaning of archives by clarifying our work as a space to seek refuge, rest, succor, security, and possibilities for utopia. In times of scarcity, we have found building and creating connection across communities to be our greatest challenge and our most abiding strength.


Available in:

Basic Writing e-Journal 16.1 2020

Special Issue:

Defending Basic Writing and Developmental Education:
Using Located Agency to Resist Neoliberal Rhetorics
and Instrumentalist Practices

Darin Jensen and Emily Suh, Guest Editors
Barbara Gleason, BWe Editor
Lynn Reid, Associate Editor, Production

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.