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For students with diagnosed and undiagnosed learning differences, any approach to multimedia composing brings innovative opportunities as well as unanticipated challenges. This workshop addresses the challenges and offers practice with adapting multimedia composing for our Writing Programs courses, concentrating specifically on challenges with executive function -- verbal and nonverbal components of working memory including attention span and cognitive processing. Participants will: 1) Practice specific strategies for adapting current materials and achieving more inclusive multimedia classrooms; 2) Gain empathy for students with diagnosed and undiagnosed learning differences in executive function.


This workshop addresses WCAG 2.0 Guidelines: Principle​ ​

1: (Perceivable​) ​of the guidelines for Digication through practice with writing thick descriptions of screenshots of Digication directions.


The workshop will cover:

● Principle​ ​1​ ​and​ ​application​ ​of​ ​Principle​ ​1​ ​for​ ​Digication

● Necessity​ ​of​ ​Text​ ​Descriptions​ ​for​ ​Screenshots​:

● Current​ ​Problem

● Suggested​ ​Solutions My hope is that a workshop would help participants understand first, how people with learning differences (myself included) perceive the world around them and second, how to write thick descriptions of screenshots that will help students and faculty have more equitable access to Digication.


Participants will:

● Review information about differences with executive function and working memory related to equitable access to screenshot descriptions in Digication

● Practice writing screenshot descriptions for equitable access on their own and in small groups


NOTE WELL: Additional resources can be found in links located throughout this presentation.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.