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Writing Project 2 Suggestion: Writing with Class Photos from October 15, 2015


  1. Choose a salient or significant quote from "Our Universities: The Outrageous Reality," by Andrew Delbanco. Introduce and analyze the quote. This quote will help to anchor the main persuasive theme of your essay.
  2. Click through the photo gallery below and select a photo to illustrate the quote. Then, describe the photo with very specific details. 
  3. Next, interpret the photo beneath the surface. What does the photo leave out? What goes on behind the scenes? What senses, emotions, and/or people are excluded? Include very specific details to support your ideas.
  4. Select  at least 2-3 additional quotes from the article to support your interpretation. Introduce and analyze each quote. Connect the quote to your main persuasive theme.
  5. Make sure each paragraph uses a topic sentence that connects to the main persuasive theme of the essay.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.