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Members: Bryant Armistead, Christiyana Marks, Sarah Scrivner, Katherine Turpin, Xingfang Xie (Jubilee), Christina Yard Emanis

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Bellow You Will Find:


Each member of the Invisible Fabric's Design Plan for sharing their experiences/stories with family and friends.

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Sarah Scrivner


I plan on inviting family, friends, and colleagues to my adventure presentation through an online invitation (unless some family memebers only read/accept physical mail). Those who require a physical invitation will recieve a copy of the virtual one in the mail, including my enclosed event address so they are able to find the event. Those who are able to come will RSVP, and I will then plan my set-up according to the amount of expected people attending.

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Katherine Turpin



My plan for sharing my story after our adventure to Mexico would be to set up a nice dinner at my home so that everyone can relax, eat, and enjoy hearing how the trip went. Invitations would be professionally made and sent out asking people to come to Peoria, AZ on January 27, 2018 at 7 P.M. to “Dine and hear the bottom line”. The bottom line of course would be the details about the trip. I would, prior to the dinner, create a slideshow that could illustrate different portions of the trip. I would add in some music and video into it to add some more pizazz and keep people interested.  I would invite all of my family, friends, and coworkers to come enjoy the meal and hear my story. Once everyone arrived, appetizers and wine would be served while setting up the presentation. When the presentation is set up then I would start by welcoming them all and asking them to please enjoy their dinners while the presentation too place. I would then start the slideshow as they were served their dinner. I would speak to them during the slideshow and share information and special details about the slides with those that were watching. After the presentation was complete I would let them ask questions or make comments about the presentation or the trip itself. Dessert would be served and people would either be welcome to stay and chat for a while or leave. It would be an enjoyable evening and fun for me to be able to share the details of the trip and its success.


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Christina LynnYard Emanis



Sharing Our Invisible Fabric Legacy

I have an idea to share my mission with an audience of local community outreach team members and guests. I have done this in the past as I have been a volunteer for the last thirty years with the church and community. Giving award breakfasts for our nursery and family dinners in our community were wonderful events that everyone used to uplift each other in their mission of serving the comunity. This dinner would be planned in to a calendar two to three months in advance. I would send out videos each week into the social media channels and  the news media. I would get local restaurants and sign companies to be supporters to fund the dinner and give awards to the volunteers at the dinner. We would celebrate those who were being served in this community in Mexico. We would show a video or movie to allow those who recieved help and how much this help ment to them and their families. I would allow for the movie to be concluded with a spokesman form the village to address the group with cirtique and with helpful words to propell our group to greater levels of service to more communities. We would install on of the service community leaders to our ranks to maximize the local influence in our mission and how we carry out more visions in the future. 

After this celebration we would revisit the group each year and send video out of the progress to each news channel and social media and garner more local support and broaden the service each year. As we build this community it will be able to build others like it in Mexico. 



Here is an out reach my family has been a part of. I love volunteerism and it starts young and it starts at home. I hope to have the ability to serve another country as my parents have. My grandfather instilled public service as he served the WWII efforts in Sea Girt, NJ and the community on after until he passed in 1989. My father is a wonderful example of service as we constantly volunteered for the community and the church in my youth and he and my step-mother continuted in this mission below.


An interview with Richard and Anita Yard


Assembly of God Church

and Community Outreach

Centeral and South America 1990 through 2005



Building Churches not walls was my family members adventure abroad: Dad and Mom were part of a volunteer group who had a mission to serve the small communities in South and Central America by building churches, homes, empowering families, teaching, and making meals for the poor. As a part of their church mission they assembled a group of tradesmen, teachers, health professionals and their families and traveled yearly to different countries in central America to serve the poor. On several of these trips in 2004 to 2012 my father and stepmother served these christian communities with their  talents.


My father is an electrical engineer who managed the electrical design and installation of these community centers and churches. He taught the locals how to do this work. My father taught me electrical design as a child so I am very confident these communities have a wonderful knowledge and possibly a desire to become a journeyman electrician and hopefully be a licensed electrician from the volunteer teaching my father gave them.  He was so energized by all the desire to learn and to do this project with thoroughness and using the best material provided by his church in Lakewood, New Jersey. The lead pastor had such a talent for bringing people together. He was a great man and a wonderful Project Manager. The group had a wonderful translator which they needed for most of the group did not have the language skill. The translator really loved my father's jokes and friendly nature.


My stepmother went to teach and to care for the children and parents of the communities. She is retired office manager with the water district and understands the process of water sanitationa and facilieties.She is also a wonderful cook. She is a very tough, strong and committed woman who put in all her talents in serving these communities. She brought back many wonderful dishes to share in her community pot luck suppers. She said it was so wonderful how the latin cultures treat the mature. She was so blessed as she served and helped establish these wonderful mission efforts abroad. I am so proud of her learning a few words in spanish and the joy she had just listening and giving to the little ones. We take for granted the services we have in America, she states.


I hope to have the resources to go and server in a capacity such as this.


My couchsurfing site is:






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Christiyana Marks

Being a Student Organization leader on campus I decided to share my adventure with my club! Every school year we host new events and it proposing next semester we have a study abroad fair. While our experience and trip did not directly come from studying abroad going to a new country and gaining experience will help my club Zaria by showing African American women they have the power to go anywhere and help anyone they please.I will make flyers to promote the event and share my story with my organization and other students from Arizona State.I will probably run the event first similar to our meetings asking questions to see their feelings about traveling and what tips and advice they already know. I will then show the girls a short video/ documentary about my journey after I will open the floor for questions. I want to create a game of possible problems and situations that can happen while on a trip such as mine and have the girls use teamwork to figure it out. This event will be held by Zaria on the Asu's Tempe campus at the Memorial Union on February 12, 2018, from 7:30 - 9:00 pm. We will have light snacks such as lemonade and cookies.

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Xingfang Xie (Jubilee)

Germany trip

I would like to share my adventure about my experience for traveling to Germany by myself during summer. I will invite my family, friends, and colleagues to come to my adventure presentation.
Here is the detail information:

Location: My house (Sisters' house) near the Tempe campus!

Time: 2017/12/12 12:00am 

Max: 30 people 

Food&Drink: FREE!!!

Welcome! Feel free to come and eat lunch together! Spent a wonderful afternoon during the warm winter break in Arizona! Discuss, chat and talk! I'm also looking forward to hearing everyone's adventure stories! 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 480-709-0032 is my phone number!

**Below are the Powerpoint and basic outline for briefly showing what I want to present:)


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Bryant Armistead

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