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Members: Bryant Armistead, Christiyana Marks, Sarah Scrivner, Katherine Turpin, Xingfang Xie (Jubilee), Christina Yard Emanis

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Bellow You Will Find:

Each Teammember's 1/2-full page papers demonstrating how they are all a different place emotionally, psychologically, relationally, and/or intellectually.

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Bryant Armistead


Since starting this course I have learned many things. Perhaps the most important and the most abundantly taught by this course has to be the importance of time management and communication. I work on a team at work as well but this class was something different than I have been used to and the workload was as well. As a team we needed to communicate almost daily and there was an instance where the lack of communication almost made a team member complete a section of the project that was already done by another on the team. All because that team member did not reply to the messages that were sent to them by the other teammates to ask about their progress. Being able to adjust to changing conditions was something important because the grading of our projects was much more in depth than was expected originally. However, with the proper communication and time management our team came together and began working smarter to complete the goals. I became very overwhelmed at one point during this class because I am taking 18 credit hours and had also been working 30 hours a week. All of that led me to falling behind in school and by lessening my hours at work i was able to catch up and contribute more time to my schooling. At this point towards the very end of the semester I am very motivated to succeed and get high marks in all my courses. I only have one year left before graduation, which is something that I was not sure would ever happen. I am glad to have taken this class and hope that I have been able to contribute to it as much as it has contributed to my life.

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Christiyana Marks



Even before this course, I knew I had difficulty communicating and working in groups the main reason being I am extremely introverted with people I do not know. I feel like I have learned more about working with others as well as how to deal with others opinions. I am used to doing everything as a solo project. I learned to actually try to communicate with others to stay on track. When I had issues I learned how to ask questions and get outside of my comfort zone.Before this course, I knew about Mexico and traveling but I didn't know how much work and patience it would take to get many different people to one location. I developed the additional skill during this course of self-organization because I had to work in a totally new direction as far as checking with other to ensure my decisions weren't just the best for me but the best for the group overall. I do believe I'm still bad with confrontation when I see a problem with a group or someone being unfair I don't speak up even if I feel the person does not have my best intention in mind. I have always been a very busy person but I tend to get overwhelmed easily and this class in some way showed me you always have room to succeed despite personal situations you might be going through.
A major part of working in a group is being understanding and compassionate to others I admit I am more of a kind spirit so when things fail in a group I would never want someone to be singled out Instead I would take the time to properly communicate and help them out. A lot has happened throughout this course and I'm proud of my group and how hard everyone worked to make some of our vision possible.



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Christina Yard Emanis



As a person I have and continue to grow as I respect and value every member of my team. I am a mother and a wife who seeks to nurture and develop the people around me. This is a great gift if you are a mother, wife, sister, daughter and so on. Is this a gift in society?  Sometimes.


As I go into management and team management this servant leadership is sometimes seen as weakness and failure. The dominate personality or authoritarian leadership is so prevalent in many societies. I do not feel as this is a needed style but I have to use it very uncomfortably many times in my interactions with my work. In this course I can say that I feel it has not been needed as such. I refrain from this authoritarian leadership since I do not feel it is viewed as giving respect to your team. If you are in a dangerous environment it is very needed but I can see if we were in another society and an area I would not know all the dangers I would garner more authoritarian leadership.


I have seen my leadership tested in this course and in the last two years as I am leading and following in a very new environment as this venture to Mexico would be. I have ten years of leadership position and in the environment I was leading in I was very respected and appreciated. In the last few years i have seen the opposite of that and it is OK. One needs to grow and out of adversity growth is measured much higher. In this change in leadership and a new following role I can see how to be a better leader.


In leading when all is going well it is a cake walk. When everyone has a task and is performing it even to a midrange level it is success. But ah that is the rub. What to do when the member is not performing or misunderstanding what their task entails, or a huge mistake that literally destroys the progress already made? I have seen many projects totally collapsed and the sunken costs just push everyone into a panic to fix it. It is going to happen and we will all get past it. I just cannot say survive it. It seems to coy. Nothing will make me smile when I see everyone who worked so hard get nothing for payment in their dedication as one or two cause the demise of your teams masterpiece. My experience with creative projects over the past thirty years have made this a reality that everyone takes a loss and just needs to move on. Do we survive? Some leave the market. Some just do not find joy again in that effort. Some retire with a failure as their last career marker. So we move on and find beauty elsewhere. Life is worth living and there are more people who can be helped and given a fresh and warm smile.


As I finish this course I see that I am a better leader. I understand that there will be students or coworkers that do not meet their obligations. What to do. Does not destroy me or even ruin my day. I know this is common in teams. I have a young brother and sister who were the first to take my Saturday at the beach away as I had to go and do their bedroom cleaning that our mother had given them. The reward was not enough for them. Maybe they did not love the Jersey Shore like I did. Maybe they wanted time with their big sis and this was how they got that attention. So, I have been disappointed early in life. I did get to the beach many other times and I love to treat myself with a beach trip on my special days. The next beach trip will be awesome and a thrill. So as to the people who let their team down, as a team I wish to lift them up and forgive them, encourage them and help them to perform better in their next venture. I love and respect man and beast. I want you all to do well, to prosper, to smile, to love and to live your life with blessings and a full heart. If I can do a little more work and say a prayer to keep this project alive and flowing I will.


As a mature leader I hope that I have performed in a way that opened creativity and insight. I hope that I gave respect and encouragement in the project. I pray that all our work brought a good idea a little closer to reality. I hope to have the opportunity to lead with preschoolers and parents and allow God to bless my efforts in this ministry I put graphic design into the second seat accomplish twenty years ago.


 I am encouraged by the wonderful team members I met and I wish them all well. I see them being very successful and I am inspired by their missions.


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Katherine Turpin



I have to say that I have grown quite a bit in this course. I am normally a huge individualist. I am one of the take charge people that just get it done on my own because it is easier than to have to work with others. I would, more times than not, rather just do it my way at my speed than to wait on others to get around to it. I would rather know that I have control over whether it is right or not than trusting others with pieces of it. Yes… I am OCD and yes… I am a control freak. I have had to put that aside for the majority of this class and actually be a part of the team rather than taking over the team and all of its workload.


I also have a tendency…okay not a tendency… I am a very straightforward, opinionated, blunt person. I usually speak without a filter and live in the motto of “They’ll get over it”. I tell you like it is, let you get over your feelings, and then we get things done. Well, in this class, I have learned a little bit of patience and understanding. I have put a filter on and tried to be as careful with people’s feelings as I can because if not it would damage the team aspect of everything. You cannot have a successful team if you are all taking stabs at each other. There are so many different personalities and so many different ways of doing things. Sometimes you just have to bite your tongue and go with the flow. It is extremely hard for me. I have worked really hard at my communication skills in this class and think that I succeeded quite well.  


Learning so much about Mexico in the process of completing this project was a plus in the situation. When doing the research for the different sections of the project I learned about so many different things having to do with Mexico and its culture. I definitely have a better understanding of their culture and ways of life now. I also have a new respect for them after reading all of the things that they have endured in the past.


I think that this was a great experience. Yes, there were some trials along the way. There were also tribulations. There were times where some of us were upset with others and there were times that we all functioned really well. There were times where our group work seemed more like individual work and other times where our team worked really fluently together. I appreciated the opportunity to do this and have to admit that I may have made a few friends along the way. Thanks for helping me open my eyes to some things I can change or control about me to be able to work better as a part of a team.


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Sarah Scrivner


My knowledge in working with teams has grown though-out the duration of this course/class. I have worked in teams for projects before, including a couple online courses. However, this course was different in that the detailed specifics of the grading rubric along with language barriers, inconsistent communication, and a couple chronic procrastinators has made this a somewhat challenging experience. Conflicting schedules also made face-to-face communication a rare occurrence. My organizational skills have improved as I've worked on making the project portfolio as organized as possible so group members know where to place their work (also a precaution to avoid the team loosing points). As well as who is to complete what work so the procrastinators don't stress out the rest of the team, leading the team to believe they need to do extra work until the procrastinators arrive 6 hours before the project is due. This course/experience has changed me in that I am now more organized and detail-oriented when it comes to my work.



Emotionally and physiologically I am in a different place as my frustrations during the course have enlightened me. Rather than being an extreme procrastinator myself (which I ordinarily am for some of my online classes) my desire to do what is right by my team (complete my work efficiently and help with the unity of the team, in a timely manner), is what altered my outlook. I shouldn't be stressing out my team with being in the dark and completing work last-minute, I should be taking the team as a whole into consideration. The class textbook discussed how teams function and the different stages a team can take. I realized how destructive procrastination can be once we were half-way into the course and still in the "storming" phase.

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Xingfang Xie (Jubilee)


The most important thing which I learned from this class is how to cooperate with other members to together finish several different projects. I realize that I really lack experiences of working and studying in a teamwork. I have faced many problems and It exposed my shortages. I read a lot of useful information from the textbook and I want to use my real experience in the future to testify does it work or not. The other thing which I really appreciate is to learn how to build more positive and strong relationship with each one. I can not individually finish all these projects by myself during these few weeks. Christina guided me, Katherine helped me, Sarah took care of me, Bryant and Christiyana are very friendly. I gained not only the skills or pieces of knowledge but also the friendship. Remembering my big vision in the beginning of the class, I know it is just a start. I wish I can continue to go for it and do better and better. 

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