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Members: Bryant Armistead, Christiyana Marks, Sarah Scrivner, Katherine Turpin, Xingfang Xie (Jubilee), Christina Yard Emanis

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Psychological Contract (Team 3)

Tools employed to communicate

  • Google Hangouts

    • Will be used when the team meets for verbal discussion (decided based off of weekly group availability).

    • Will be used to create group video recordings for the project.

    • The Google Hangouts Video Chat-bar will be used for additional communication while the team sets up video meetings.

  • Google Folder

    • Will be used to create group Google documents sharing and editing with group members.

    • Will be used to share the useful information: project process, contact information, meeting notes, pictures, reference papers and so on.

  • Facebook Messenger

    • Will be used to communicate throughout the week, on a daily basis, as this medium of communication offers notifications for group members (and is easily accessible).

    • Will also be used as a way to remind group members when a meeting time has changed or when a meeting is happening with a notification.

  • Email

    • Used when large files, such as videos, need to be shared.

    • Will be used to send invitations to group Google documents for the team (such as this one).

    • Used as a second-to-last source of communication when team members aren’t responding to Facebook Messenger alerts.

  • Group Discussion Board

    • Used as a last resort for communication if other online forms of communication are experiencing difficulties (Learned that response times are slow and the communication medium is often forgotten as there aren’t any notifications and isn’t as easily accessible as other programs).

Expectations about responding to messages

  • Facebook Messenger

    • Team members expected to respond as soon as possible. This is the main medium of communication throughout the week.

  • Google Hangouts

    • Team members are expected to communicate their availabilities (including changes in them) over the Group video chat.

    • Team members expected to participate in video calls when able.

  • Email

    • Team members are expected to respond to received mail if a response is warranted (such as a question, need for clarification, etc.. NOT for document sharing messages).

Failure to respond to messages


  • Failure to respond to messages results in lowered team morale and potentially loss of a task the group-member was responsible for.


Divisions of responsibility

  • Christina

    • Recording and editing video, graphic design and photo editing. Organizing meetings and communication. Most flexible schedule.

    • I am willing to sacrifice my evening and my mornings to make this project succeed. I will sacrifice money to invest in any fees due to the product necessary and I will sacrifice my sleep to achieve mastery of this text, mission and this curriculum.

    • Submitting portfolio link when due
    • (selected for these roles due to talents in graphic design, organization, and available time).
  • Sarah

    • Portfolio editing

    • Putting together and creating group documents

    • Sharing group documents to work on as a team
    • (selected for these roles due to organization and time).
  • Katherine

    • Writing group documents

    • (selected for this role due to talents in writing and fluidity)
  • Christyana

    • Resident expert on international travel

    • Writing group documents

    • (selected for these role due to talents in writing and am bilingual)
  • Xingfang

    • Organizing group schedule and tasks

    • Making map, setting plan and location

    • Portfolio editing

    • (selected for these roles due to organization skills)
  • Bryant

    • Clarifying group vision and methods.

    • Portfolio editing

    • (selected for these role due to talents with vision and understanding the needs of people from other cultures)


  • Voted: Everyone will “sign off” before submitting flags

How the team will actively support each team member's Laser Vision?

  • Christina - Viewing all the videos and empowering each in their desires. Giving them lead in this area of the project. Keeping the communication open and the details organized on the project. I will uplift the people with my work and my words. We will give each other trust and respect by allowing everyone to be a decision maker in creating this mission to Mexico.

  • Sarah - By listening to everyone’s interests in the project, what they are wanting to work on the most. Using people’s interests and talents to further the project as well as their vision.

  • Katherine - By paying attention to everyone’s interests and strengths and using those to help everyone succeed with the highest level of satisfaction and content possible. This will increase self-esteem and motivate each person to drive for their visions through the project as a learning step.

  • Christiyana - Not only watch but ask and engage with team mates ask questions to see how else our laser visions relate and create a common knowledge between us and what we are trying to create as a team

  • Bryant - By listening, attempting to integrate the groups visions together andhaving a positive attitude.

  • Xingfang - By watching all the videos of everyone’s laser vision and understanding what everyone wants to do. Through communication and team-work knowing their interest and merits. According to each member's situation, helping and encouraging them clearly know their ways to go, giving bright suggestions, building their capabilities and developing their skills.


Concerns/notes for clarification

  • Where project pieces will be worked on as a group, as well as one primary communication source throughout the week besides Google Hangouts (although will be used for meetings). Too many group chats can become confusing. Having everything organized into solidified communication groups for easy access to each other and all being on the same page.


  • The project is a collaborative work involving all members of the group and everyone does their part. Communication and listening is the key to our success and it must be done with respect for each team member.


  • Photos for the portfolio of ourselves for editing and using in graphics on site.


  • We need patience with others who are not as savvy with the group project. Give everyone a lot of communication with our emails, phone numbers, email,  social media tools and class communication boards.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Team Meeting Schedule Plan:

Due to the work and family schedules of team-members constantly changing, Jubilee created a document containing weekly charts to fill out availible times to meet (that are constantly edited due to the sporatic schedules).

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.