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Members: Bryant Armistead, Christiyana Marks, Sarah Scrivner, Katherine Turpin, Xingfang Xie (Jubilee), Christina Yard Emanis

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Bellow You Will Find:


1.) An inventory of the skills and abilities (20+) needed to make the adventure a thriving success (along with a brief explanation about why it's essential for our adventure).


2.) Our team's current skills.


3.) A list of skills our team currently lacks for the adventure.


4.) A plan for gaining each skill that our team lacks (with evidence of our plan).

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Required Skills and Abilities For a Thriving Success


1. Understanding of the cultures present in Mexico/Rocky Point.


Essential for success: The goal of our team adventure is to help the children in Rocky Point understand what educational options they have access to. If the children and educational administrators of Mexico don't reciprocate the interest in our team goal due to team ignorance of their culture, we've failed.


2. Know how to manage finances.


Essential for success: The team decided that the adventure/project would be recurring so the children of Rocky Point have updated information. In order for this to work, there needs to be a strict budget.


3. A plan/process for acquiring donations.


Essential for Success: In addition to having a strict budget, the team/adventure needs an income in order to support a recurring project. 


4. Knowledge in Environmental Science


Essential for success: The Environment in Mexico is different than that of The United States not in the sense of Biome Change (because parts of the U.S. have similar ones). It is important in that how the country treats the environment effects how the group must behave while visiting. For example, the water isn't filtered like that of the U.S., so we can't drink it.


5. Knowledge/research in Sanitation


Essential for success: Similar to that of environmental science, knowing how sanitation is done in Mexico in comparison to our country will protect us from potential health risks/hazards.


6. Scheduling


Essential for success: In order for all of the team's desired events/goals to happen during the time-span of the adventure, there needs to be a planned schedule of the adventure and the skill to make last minute changes without impacting the goal of the adventure.


7. Ability to obtain a passport


Essential for success: The team won't be able to complete the adventure if they are unable to enter the country.


8. Project Management


Essential for success: If the team doesn't have a skilled project manager to ensure that everything is running smoothly and according to plan, the project could fall off-track and result in failure.


9. Creative Writing


Essential for success: The primary objective of the adventure is to communicate with the children in Rocky Point, Mexico the educational oportunities available to them. If we don't have the ability to capture our target audience through captivating written material, our adventure may not succeed.


10. Understanding of Basic first-aid


Essential for success: If the group were to have any minor accidents during the adventure, the group needs to know how to respond to medical issues, including how to contact emergency health-lines in Mexico.


11. Skilled in Technology


Essential for success: The group is communicating through e-mail and virtual mediums a majority of our information to the teachers/students in Mexico. If we can't understand how to use the technology required to communicate our goals, we won't be able to do the adventure.


12. Skilled in public speaking


Essential for success: When the group travels to Mexico and meets with the children and teachers, members of the group must be able to efficiently speak to the groups we are demonstrating to/communicating with.


13. Ability to speak Spanish


Essential for success: The primary language in Rocky Point, Mexico is Spanish. If we can't speak to the groups in a language that they understand, our trip would be ultimately pointless.


14. Understanding of FASFA


Essential for success: We are communicating the educational opportunities to the children in Rocky Point, Mexico. If they are to learn information such as educational funding, there needs to be an understanding of it from the group in order to teach it.


15. Skilled in legal documentation


Essential for success: If the group plans on making the adventure/project recurring after our first trip, there must be a source of income. If this group were to accept donations to continue the adventure, financial documents and filing to be a non-profit organization would need to be created.


16. International Relations


Essential for success: Members of the group must be able to hold and understand international relations with Mexico in order to keep the project moving.


17. Photography


Essential of success: The digital and physical copies with information for the target audience need to be engaging along with the material presented. If we are able to obtain pictures to add to the informational documents that we don't need to pay for the rights, the group saves money.


18. Skill in graphic design


Essential for success: In addition to having original photography, having the documents we create professionally designed and formatted for our information would be more engaging/effective.


19. Skilled in marketing and social media


Essential for success: If the group hopes to gain donations in order to continue the project, they must be able to catch the attention of potential donors through social media and the ability to market our cause.


20. Understanding of the development of children


Essential for success: The human brain/body develops in stages throughout a person's life. If the group is to understand how to best impact the minds of the children we are presenting to, it would be wise to know how their brain is function at their stage of brain development. 


21. Skill in navigation


Essential for success: The entire team plans on traveling by car based off of a map. Although GPS usage is valuable in navigation, there is the possibility that the device could fail on us. If this were to occur, someone in the team needs to be able to understand and communicate directions based off of a map.


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Our Team's Current Skills:




Jubilee’s Skills:

 Environmental, Chinese Language, Sanitation

Jubilee is a student from China, Jubilee who is so fashionable and young spirited. Always smiling and cheerful. She is studying Environmental Science. She is very social and has a lot of time with family and friends to support her. She is bringing an international perspective to our group with a lot of emojis too. She has a love for food and culture.


 Sarah’s Skills: 

Leadership, Organization, Scheduling, Passports, Travel Itinerary

We have Sarah who is a wonderful business minded student who is very proactive and detailed. She looks at a time line and she evaluates accurately where she has great organizational skills and is a backbone to the management team. She can manage a project well and keeps ideas on track and gives great insights to a project. She is very efficient with her time and respects the critical path of our project.  She works tirelessly and manages a full schedule and her college tasks very efficiently.


Katie’s Skills:

 Project Management, Itinerary, PR, Writting, Caregiving, Cooking, Sanitation, Health

Katie is an office manager who has a full schedule and a family. She is a wonderful writer and gives the team a very valuable resource with her skills as a writer. She is also expert at keeping a time constraints and promises. When she needs help she contacts the lead immediately. We never wonder where Katie is on her phase of the project. She will have her materials ready a day or even a week ahead. Katie makes the project run smoothly and gives all the required commitment to the project. She understands project management skills and employed them to serve our team. She has a wonderful support team in her family and strives to be the best at all her commitments.


Bryant’s Skills:

 Technology, Public Speaking, Shipping, Forms and FASFA

Bryant is an insightful visionary who came up with how we would serve the students in Mexico. He has a passion for this area since he has gained the funding to attend college by utilizing the grants, scholarships and resources provided through using FASFA. Bryant is a hardworking student who is tackling eighteen hours of coursework this year at ASU. He is a wonderful caring individual who opens his time up to volunteer and to help those who are in need. He has a wonderful dedication to his family and his mom. He has a positive insight to our project and is very talented with tech. He would bring a good service to our team in this mission into Mexico. He is a great speaker and can relay a message very clearly and compassionately.


Christiyana’s Skills:

 Travel Itinerary, Spanish, Shipping, Forms and FASFA, International Relations, Photography and Public Speaking

Christiyana is a photographer with the Arizona Zoo as well as a world traveler and a college student. She is very dedicated to her craft and works long hours. Her schedule is the most challenged as she just began a new job but she keeps everyone informed and meets off hours if that is what is needed. She has unique insight in the mission to Mexico and the ideals we need to set forth. She spoke of helping in a way that does not disrespect the culture and the fabric of their lives. In giving this opportunity we are very fortunate to have Christiyana’s help and perspective to keep our mission’s goals in focus. Christiyana is also a wonderful speaker and would be a benefit with her skills at oration and her understanding of Spanish language and the local culture. Christiyana is also tackling a huge schedule at ASU and will graduate very soon and start her career. I feel she will do very well.


Christina’s Skills:

Spanish, Sanitation, Health, CPR, First Aid, Marketing and Social Media, Project Management, Caregiving, Cooking

Christina is a mother of two. Joel and AJ are in the first years of college. She is a graphic designer and illustrator of thirty plus years. She is a preschool teacher of ten years. She has been a volunteer for twenty plus years and serves her church, schools, and community. She loves animals and humans too. As a graphic designer she brought the skills of layout and design. As an office manager and project manager she led the process along side her team members. She was the videographer and the communications hub. She is a time wise worker and understands the critical path of the project and sought to keep the project on track. When the tasks timeline was exceeded she re-planned the project and kept the momentum. She is good at seeing someone's talents and encouraging them in the use of these gifts. She has the ability to speak a small amount of Spanish and French. She is also a gifted teacher and understands how to encourage learning and growth with the young and the mature. She is very knowledgeable with food prep, health, safely and is CPR and First Aid certified and has a food handlers certification.



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Skills Our Team Lacks:


1. A plan/process for acquiring donations


Although our team understands this is required for having a recurring project, everyone in the team still only has a basic understanding of being able to accept donations, how to document them, etc.



2. Ability to speak Spanish


Some members can speak Spanish partially and one member can speak it as a second language. However, the team-member doesn't feel confident as a translator for the group, so one must be hired or a virtual translator must be used. If this isn't to occur, then the team needs to take a course and learn Spanish.



3. College Financial Aid Specialist


Bryant has a decent understanding of financial aid, however there needs to be research and reaching out to professionals/specialists in order to make sure that information is accurate and correctly communicated.


4. Skill in navigation


Our team consists of a younger generation used to maps supported through smart phones and others who aren't as familiar with physical maps/planning anymore. The team needs to be able to learn and print out (or purchase) a map with detailed plans and instructions.


5. Skilled in public speaking


The group needs to learn how to effectively speak in public settings through the assistance of a course and practice. Especially since we will be speaking in another language.


6. Skilled in legal documents


The group needs to be able to fill out/file documents in order to become a non-profit organization. We will have to research what to do and/or ask for assistance through professionals.


7. Understanding of the development of children


A course needs to be taken by members of the team (or everyone needs to have read a book on the specific topic) before constructing the adventure for the target audience.


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Plan For Gaining Each Skill:


 1. A plan/process for acquiring donations


In order to accept donations, we need to understand if we legally can or not without registering as a non-profit. After research, it can be found that you can legally accept them without being a non-profit. However, there isn't the ability to be tax-deductible when the group or person(s) being donated to isn't registered as a non-profit.


Source example: 

Córdoba, Karla. “Can I receive donations without being a non profit?” Www.quora.com, Quora, 25 June 2016, www.quora.com/Can-I-receive-donations-without-being-a-non-profit.


2. Ability to speak Spanish



For the team to be able to speak Spanish fluently enough to communicate during our trip, we need to learn the language in a timely and cost-efficient manner. It has been claimed that the program/company of Rosetta Stone teaches languages as a fast rate, so the team will use this resource to meet the ability/skill.


Source example:

“Learn to Speak (Latin American) like a Native.” Rosetta Stone, Rosetta Stone, 24 Nov. 2017, www.rosettastone.com/lp/ppc/sale/?cid=se-br-gg-cmetmonthdeal&cid=se-br-gg-ppcsale&iv_=__iv_p_1_a_15481_g_239319555_c_223516182198_k_buy%20rosetta%20stone_m_b_w_kwd-300488419321_n_g_d_c_v__l__t__r_1t1_x__y__f__o__z__i__j__s__e__h_9030095_ii__vi__&gclid=CjwKCAiAr_TQBRB5EiwAC_QCq32IK9TwNUvJYV3nlAaqhjhaXI-IFbAKheByIZHhsdcZ-lhYdgt4YBoCbUgQAvD_BwE.


3. College Financial Aid Specialist



The group will find a specialist to help us format our information and learn new information through the assistance of: Financial Aid Finder (A website specifically designed to assist people in locating and understanding financial aid).


Source example:

“Your Guide to Maximizing your College Financial Aid.” Financial Aid Finder, FinancialAidFinder, 24 Nov. 2017, www.financialaidfinder.com/.



4. Skill in navigation


A course doesn't need to be taken in order to understand navigation, rather a map of our trip needs to be studied and understood through observing and analyzing the material. In order to do so, a map of the trip and all possible routes too and from our locations can be observed and printed out.


Source example:

Google Maps, Google, www.google.com/maps/dir/Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), 3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034/Puerto Pe%C3%B1asco, Sonora, Mexico/@32.3898279,-113.8626587,8z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x872b0e5c330370a5:0x82f535d5e256ee42!2m2!1d-112.0077881!2d33.4372686!1m5!1m1!1s0x812ba5b44ea74411:0x4349796169c75fb3!2m2!1d-113.5311843!2d31.3268218.


5. Skilled in public speaking


In order to learn how to effectively speak to public groups, the team should take a short course in public speaking.


Source example: 

Kim, Larry. “9 Places to Learn Public Speaking for Free.” Inc.com, Inc.com, 24 Nov. 2017, www.inc.com/larry-kim/nine-places-to-learn-public-speaking-for-free.html.



6. Skilled in legal documents


The team needs to know how to file to become a non-profit organization. In order to do so, we plan on researching how to do so and apply through a government organization.


Source example: 

“Form Your Nonprofit Online in as Little as 10 Minutes.” Swyftfilings.com, Swyftfilings.com, 24 Nov. 2017, www.swyftfilings.com/nonprofit/start-a-nonprofit?gclid=CjwKCAiAr_TQBRB5EiwAC_QCqzbkLdb64Riu875e9gP_BBvajBCe1VNDURcso9e2oQCdwMnNf3jg2hoCJ3kQAvD_BwE.


7. Understanding of the development of children


The team plans on learning the development of children/humans through the use of an online course and/or published findings/materials on the specific topic.


Source example:

“The Amazing Human Brain and Human Development .” The Child Trauma Academy, 24 Nov. 2017, childtraumaacademy.com/amazing_brain/index.html.


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.